How to Upgrade OpenHab to the New Version: OpenHab 2.3

The new version of OpenHab is out there and you might be wondering if it is worth upgrading. Today, I want to share with you today a video from BK-Hobby explaining the process on how to upgrade OpenHab. I will also share my first impressions on OpenHab 2,3 and I would like you to do the same.

If you want to skip theĀ first part and go straight to the video, I will not be offended (mostly because I will not know it šŸ™‚ )

First Impressions on OpenHab 2.3

The first thing that I have to say is that if you are expecting a whole new look and feel, you will be rather disappointed. While OpenHab 2.2 brought significant changes to the UI’s, the new version has remained pretty stable on in terms of UI Changes.

Stability and ReliabilityĀ are also big points to consider when upgrading to a new version.

Will it break my Home Automation System leaving me powerless and having to use my hands to actually turn the lights ON???

I don’t want to speak in absolute terms here. Your experience will depend significantly on the gadgets that you are using but in my personal opinion, 2.3 is very stable and totally worth upgrading to.

Awesome…so the UI looks exactly the same and it doesn’t break things…why should I update though??

Main Changes in OpenHab 2.3


For those of us using the version in English, this might not be a big deal but it is another evidence that OpenHab is reaching a broader audience. My favorite Home Automation System is now available on a bunch of new languages (Alexa, Google Home…please learn from them…) and if you happen to speak one of them, you can collaborate with the project.

In the Openhab BlogĀ you can check the list of languages that areĀ pending or partially pending.

Improvements and Fixes

While there are few fixes here and there for the core functionality, the focus on this release appears to be on improving and correcting Bindings.Ā  An example of this is the stable version of the MiLight Binding with a few fixes that were pending. I will be updating the MiLight BindingĀ tutorial since it is no longer required to use the snapshot version of the binding.

Talking about bindings, OpenHab 2.3 is packed with new additions that I am not going to list here but you check on theĀ Release Notes.

While I am not going to name every single one of them I will mention one of my favorites. I started using it when it was in beta and since then I have implemented a lot of functionalities with it, I am talking about the Amazon Echo Control Binding.

The new binding basically allows you to control Amazon Echo Devices and do things like:

  • Text-To-Speech: I use this as a notification system for the different rooms.
  • Trigger Alarms and Reminders: I have included sounds and reminders as part of my morning routines.
  • Play music in one or more devices: You can build a reliable multi-room audio system with this.

The list goes on but you can already imagine the potential of a device with these capabilities on every room of your house.

If you are planning to get a voice assistant, check the post onĀ How to Use Alexa with OpenHab.

OK…I am going a bit off-topic here, enjoy the video on how to upgrade OpenHab to its latest version from BK-Hobby

Leave some comments with your own first impressions on OpenHab 2.3, I would like to hear from you.

OpenHab 2.3: How to Upgrade OpenHab to the latest version



If you are hesitating, I think upgrading is safe and simple. Don’t forget to take a backup as BK mentions.


Talk to you soon.

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